Typing Services
From $1.00 per page.
Let us do the typing for you. We will take any information in virtually any form and transform it into a finished document. Whether you need a business plan completed, a proposal generated, a term paper finished, or a Thank You letter written, your WebSecretaries can help.

Travel Planning
From $10 per travel plan.
Let your WebSecretaries take care of all of your travel plans. We will find the best flights for you based upon your preferences and requirements for that trip. We will find you the hotel you want and the location amenities you deserve. We can do it all for you.

Presentation Development
From $2.00 per page.

Your WebSecretaries can finish those PowerPoint presentations for you professionally. Don't go to a customer site with a boring pitch when we can make it look professional. Your WebSecretaries can help with School Projects, marketing literature, or even just offer some words of advice on a presentation you may have completed yourself.

Administrative Assistant
Contact us to discuss!

Do you need help just getting things organized? Do you not have time to make the phone calls you need to make? Let your WebSecretaries do the work for you. Your WebSecretaries will update your schedule, answer your voice mails and e-mail, and even do some last minute shopping for you.

Pricing depends upon your exact requirements, so contact us today!

From $2.50 per page.

You know what you want, but just don't have time to put pen to paper . . . or finger to keyboard. Let your WebSecretaries help. Your WebSecretaries can take dictation in any form -- phone call, e-mail, tape, even uploads from your PC -- and turn your words into an impressive, professional document.

Retained Services
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Do you need your WebSecretaries to help you throughout the course of a week or a month? Check with WebSecretaries to discuss our retained rates.

Accounting Help
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Your WebSecretaries can help with those tedious accounting chores -- sending out invoices, balancing checkbooks, making collection calls -- that you do not have the time for. We can even update your Quickbooks or Money files so all you have to do is read the reports and grow your business.

WebSecretaries Pool Services
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When you need a big job done, your WebSecretaries are ready to help. Do you need a dozen copies of that finished proposal collated, bound, and shipped? Do you need your latest User's Guide printed and packaged? Let our pool of WebSecretaries get the job done.

Editing and Proofreading
From $3.00 per page.

Sometimes another pair of eyes can help a lot. When you need someone fresh to double check your work, and the work of the SpellChecker, give your WebSecretaries a call. We will edit and proof any text -- and get a corrected or annotated version back to you promptly.